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In Pennsylvania Solar Credits are called by different names. They will sometimes be refered to as SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits or Certificates) and sometimes as Solar AECs (Alternative Energy Credits). SREC and Solar AEC refer to the same thing.

Generating SRECs

Your solar PV system will generate one SREC for each MWh (Mega Watt Hour) you generate with your solar PV system. A Mega Watt Hour is equal to 1000 kWh. As a general rule of thumb in Pennsylvania, a 10 kw DC solar PV system in an ideal location will generate about 12 SRECS per year. Smaller systems will generate less and larger systems will generate more.

Selling SRECs

SRECS are sold through an aggregator or broker. PennSun can take care of your SRECS for you or you can choose another aggregator or broker.

We certify all of our solar PV installation customers with up to 4 states to maximize the SREC sell price. There is no charge for this service when you are our solar installation customer. Other aggregators charge about $50 per state certification.

Who pays for SRECs?

The Electric Companies need to comply to the mandate in PA to supply renewable energy. The mandate was set by the PA Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). The Electric Company will choose to either pay a fine or buy SRECS from renewable energy suppliers such as individuals who have solar on their property.