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Solar Makes Sense

Environmental Benefits

Most of the electricity generated in Pennsylvaina is from coal. Unfortunately, buring fossil fuels causes pollution which may cause respiratory illness and global warming.

The earth will one day run out of fossil fuels. It takes millions of years for mother earth to create oil, coal and natural gas. People of the earth are using the supplies at an alarming rate. One day, the supplies will be gone for good.

Solar is clean and renewable. Clean because generating electricity using solar PV generates NO pollutants and renewable because the sun gives us an abundance of free megawatts every day.

Energy Independence

Think how great it will be to generate your own electricity. With a grid-tied system, your self-generated solar electricity powers your home when the sun shines and stores the excess electricity in the grid for you to use at night. If you peak usage is during the day, solar can help you eliminate or reduce peak usage charges.

Very Low Maintenance

Once a solar PV system is installed, you need to do very little to keep it going. Clean panels have the best efficiency, so if your modules would get really dirty, you might have to hose them off, but other than that, they simply keep working. In the winter, the sunlight will go through the snow and the modules will heat up enough to melt the snow so it slides off.