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How Solar Works

Phovoltaic Process

PV stands for photovoltaics. The photovoltaic effect takes place when the photons in light from the sun exite electrons in the silicon cells to create DC (direct current) electricity. DC electricity is the type that is stored in batteries that are used to power everything from flashlights to cell phones to automobile starters. The DC is converted to AC using an Inverter which is then usable in your home or business.

Grid-Tied PV

The solar array is attached to the electric grid using a special "Net Meter" to measure the flow of electricity both ways, coming in to your home or business and going back to the electric grid. About 90% of the world's solar PV systems are grid-tied.

Inter-connection Agreement

When you have a solar PV grid-tied system installed, you will have an "Inter-Connection" agreement with your elelctricity provider. If you refer to your electricity provider's website, you will see the specific process for establishing an agreement with them. PennSun will help you with your interconnection agreement as a part of our normal process.