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PA Sunshine

PA Sunshine Rebate program began in 2009. The program will give a fixed amount per watt of solar PV that you install. This money comes as a rebate check after the installation is complete.

How much to Expect

A typical household will install a system sized at 10 kW or less. PA Sunshine will give you a rebate based on the size of the system. For a 10 kW system (10,000 watts) first tier PA Sunshine applicants will receive a $12,500 rebate at the current tier. The amount will decrease as more applicants reserve their funding so take advantage of this incredible opportunity today. You have up to one year to complete your solar grid-tied installation after your rebate application is approved.

Small businesses can receive a rebate for a system size up to 200 kW. Fourth tier applicants would receive a rebate of $150,000 for a 200 Kilowatt system. For a smaller system like 20 kW, businesses would receive a $15,000 rebate. The commercial rebates are almost gone, so call today to get your funding reserved.

PA Sunshine Application

We do the paperwork for the PA Sunshine Rebate at no additional cost. The price that we quote for your system includes the extras like rebate applications and interconnection agreements. Once we quote you a price, that is your final cost. The rebate money is yours to keep.

PennSun solar is on the approved PV installer list for the PA Sunshine program. To get the process started all we require is a $500 down payment and a signed contract/letter of intent. We will do a detailed design analysis as a part of the application process. After your funding is approved, we will ask for the first installment to get the job started.

Our experience with the PA Sunshine Rebate has been that our applications are approved without question or hesitation. However, it will still take from 4 to 6 weeks to get the approval through the process. The delay is caused by the limited resources assigned to work on rebates within our state agency. If you are thinking about installing solar, please consider starting the process early.