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Our Process

We Listen

The first thing we do is listen to you! Are you ready to do solar? Do you just want more information? We start by doing a projection of what your electric usage is and how much solar it would take to replace all or part of your electric usage. We will estimate what you can fit on your roof or property and how much it will cost. There is a lot to know before making the investment in solar. We will guide you through the process. Just give us a call or send an email.

Design Process

After you decide that solar is right for you, we analyze the site using advanced shade analysis tools. Using the shade analysis with the size and placement of your solar array we can predict your electricity generation and the decrease in your electric bill.

Our thorough engineering processes will assure your that our systems will operate efficiently with little or no maintenance. We know the right way to connect you to the electric grid and the understand the intricacies of designing a solar PV system.

We Take Care of Paperwork

We take care of the rebate paperwork and get all the permits. There is no extra charge for this valuable service.

Typical Steps for a Solar PV Installation

  1. Free Site Survey and Electricity Usage Analysis
  2. Meet with customer to discuss general design, projections and Return on Investment
  3. Sign Contract/Letter of Intent to apply for PA Sunshine and other funding
  4. Customer pays $500 down
  5. Detailed Design and drawings for Funding Application
  6. Customer signs PA Sunshine Application (and other funding applications)
  7. Upon Funding Confirmation, begin job
  8. Customer pays 33% of price to order materials
  9. PennSun orders materials, gets permits and interconnection agreement
  10. Equipment arrives, customer pays 33% to start installation
  11. Installation Complete, Customer pays final amount due
  12. Inspections by Code/Government Officials
  13. Commission System - Start generating your own electricity
  14. Immediatly register with GATS to start recording electricity generation towards SRECs
  15. Sell your SREC every time you generate 1 MWh of electricity
  16. One year checkup by PennSun